Income Tax

We provides taxation services in Bangladesh with the help of our group of tax attorneys, tax lawyers, income tax attorneys, income tax practitioners, tax professionals, tax representatives and tax accountants in Bangladesh here to assist you for providing the top notch taxation services in Bangladesh.

We have vast experience in the field of Bangladesh taxation, and has been providing quality service with an accurate timely fashion to its clients. Some of our taxation services in Bangladesh amongst other involves:

  1. Assisting clients for transfer pricing issues.

  2. Assisting client in assessing their business tax in Bangladesh.

  3. Income tax planning as per the taxation laws of Bangladesh.

  4. Assisting clients to face National Board of Revenue audits.

  5. Filing tax returns of the clients.

  6. Obtaining Federal Tax ID/ Taxation Identification number in Bangladesh.

  7. Preparation of tax return according to the prevailing income tax laws in Bangladesh.

  8. Filing late tax returns.

  9. Filing amended tax returns.

  10. Advising clients on income tax.

  11. Income Tax Appeals.

  12. Representing clients before the department of taxation.

  13. Regular taxation compliance:

  14. Monthly return on Tax deducted at source

  15. Quarterly return on foreign remittance, quarterly report on accounts

  16. Biesnnial (Six monthly) report on withholding tax

  17. Annual Income tax return, audit report and accounts preparation

  18. Other statements and reporting regulations asked by various organizations (ex. BIDA, RAJUK, NBR, BANKING INSTITUTIONS ETC.) time to time