In today’s competitive era, the comprehensive knowledge on theoretical and practical aspects of income tax, customs, VAT, company law, security law is very essentially essential for those who are engaged in this challenging profession. Everyone tries to handle taxation matters and attempts to reduce tax expenses at a minimum level. So, effective training on taxation matters is the demand of present time. But it is true that there is hardly effective governmental or private institution to build skilled persons for dealing taxation matters in a proper and satisfying way. To make good of this irreparable loss, Bangladesh Institute of Taxation & Practical Accountants(BITPA) has been launched to produce unique skilled manpower in taxation matters.

Courses Benefits

The courses of this institute are designed in such a way that the participants will get fundamental, structural and profound knowledge about tax, custom, vat, etc. and they will be able to solve all types of personal, commercial and industrial inescapable problems of taxation matters. They will be confident enough to contribute to the sound fiscal management of Bangladesh. Besides, these courses will add extra quality to a tax lawyer, a vat consultant and to those who are hopeful to enter this profession in future. On top of that, these courses will also be very useful for corporate, executives who are working in various fields such as finance, audit, accounting, taxation etc. The people of other professions such as government service holder, private service holder, businessman, entrepreneur, teacher, doctor, engineer etc. will be able to carry out the taxation matters perfectly without being deceived by others.


The mission of Bangladesh Institute of Taxation & Practical Accountants(BITPA) is to create a field where people with proper and profound knowledge of taxation matters can play a vital role in dealing with taxes for the benefit of individual, social, country and global level. It is a research centre which will be amazing and creative spot for the new learners. The trainees will find it as a centre of excellence for mastering skills on taxation.

Our Aim & Objectives

Truly speaking, practising law is the first and foremost duty of a lawyer and he/she will learn and teach through this practice. Keeping this in our mind we have launched these programmes. We hope that we will be blessed and successful with your sincere support, enthusiasm of knowledge and friendly cooperation. Let us walk together in pursuit of life oriented excellent professional trainings on taxation skills to keep pace with the 21st century.